Sunday, 10 April 2011


I've been largely missing lately. The old story of new job means less time to think about 40k. Part of me wants to sell off the tau after Chaos Day at the end of the month, cunningly organized to occupy me during the royal wedding. Chaos Day is something I have only just started playing in. Last year I turned up having not played 40k in a long time, had been playing flames of war, with brand new tau - still in their chic all black vogue. This year I'm taking the same Tau but their painted - hows that for longevity.

A good friend of mine Simon who I met through my gf Elle, she plays 1k sons, runs Chaos Day more or less. Though our jobs and other lives keep us from playing I know he has a new Dark Eldar army going down which I'm looking forward to playing against. Anyway this post is largely a shameless plug for his blog over at <a href="">A Taste of Venom</a>.

In the mean time let me say that if I don't post before the weekend of the Royal Wedding will be a busy one as I intend to cover Chaos Day somewhat and interview some people about their forces, well the ones who don't play power chum.


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