Monday, 24 January 2011

Eldar vs Tau 500pts

I'm in a 500 point campaign of sorts right now which is pretty casual, and is turning out to be fun. Tomorrow I'll post up the rules etc we use - I encourage you all to give it a go.

We rolled up Annihilation and Spearhead. My opponant won the roll and sensibly choose to put me in the corner with least terrain. Here is the deployment shot.

As a wily Eldar player Jon has kept most of his army in reserve. Here is a shot.

Turn 1

I lurch most everything forward toward the Pathfinders. With a 2+ cover save from most angles its either flamers or combat to weed them out. Jon picks off one of my Monat teams and in return I nail a scout. Pretty lucky both ways. Here is the result.

Turn 2

A lot of Jon's army arrives - Autarch induced. For a second I panic at the Hawk Grenade pack but it deviates and gets only a single Kroot. I get in on the Pathfinders, hop up and down the hill to shoot the jetbikes and rapid fire the Hawks. It goes well resulting in this.

Turn 3

The last of Jon's army turns up and he valiently goes for my XV8's. Killing 2 drones and putting a wound on one for the return of nothing. I pass tests. In my turn I pile what feels like my whole army onto his squad. I do ok and remove the squad plus 2 wounds on the Autarch, who's power weapon proves unable to roll to wound properly.

Turn 4

I finish off the Autarch who finished off my Shas'el. Jon throws in the towel.


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